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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Hybrid Homeschool Tutorial Program?

Our program is designed to supplement the homeschool family by offering a classroom setting and tutors who structure the pace of the class while the parent remains the teacher of their children. Students benefit from having a structured, school-like, setting to learn in and parents benefit from having the guidance and direction of provided lesson plans and structure of the class. While a traditional co-op requires a parent to teach or serve every day that their child attends, our hybrid program offers a drop-off option with a fixed number of mandatory "staff assistant" shifts. We are able to keep our tuition rates affordable by augmenting our hired staff members and tutors with active participation by parents.

What is a Homeschool Umbrella (or Oversight) Program?

An Umbrella Program is an organization recognized by the state of Maryland to provide oversight to home education. Being enrolled in and completing portfolio reviews by an Umbrella program satisfies the Maryland state requirement for regular review of home education.

What is Hope Academy’s student immunization policy?

Hope Academy requires that ALL students receive the necessary vaccines to remain current on all immunizations for their age (in accordance with the Maryland Department of Health requirements for children enrolled in school or childcare programs). Visit the Maryland Department of Heath for the vaccine schedule for the current school year. The elders of Hope Bible Church and the leadership of the Hope Academy ministry have not identified a valid religious justification to accept religious exemptions to this policy. Medical exemptions must be certified by the student's physician and documented with a Maryland State DHMH Form 896.

Does Hope Academy require Students or Staff to receive the COVID vaccine?

Hope Academy does not require students or staff to receive the COVID vaccine. 

Is Hope Academy Open to Only HBC members?

No. Hope Academy accepts enrollments for both HBC member families and like minded Christian families who attend other local churches. 

Can we enroll in ONLY the Umbrella Program?

Currently only Hope Bible Church (HBC) member families are eligible to enroll their children in the Umbrella Program without also participating in the Tutorial Program. All non-HBC members must enroll their student in at least one tutorial core class to be eligible for enrollment in the Umbrella Program.

Is chapel mandatory for all students?

All 1st-12th grade students who are enrolled in one or more tutorial classes are required to attend the weekly chapel service. Umbrella only families, PreK students, and Kindergarten students are not required to participate in chapel but are welcome to attend with a parent.

Do I have to enroll my child in the umbrella to be able to take tutorial classes?

No, a student may enroll in only the tutorial without enrolling in the HA Umbrella (in this case the student would need to either be enrolled in a different umbrella program or be reviewed by the county.)

Can my student take only elective classes?

Yes, elective classes are a-la-carte and the core is not required to enroll in elective classes. Likewise, students are welcome to enroll in only core classes without taking elective classes. Note: All students are required to participate in Friday afternoon chapel whether they are enrolled in core or elective classes.

Does my elementary student have to take all of the core classes?

Yes, our K-6th grade core program is a bundle. all 1st-6th grade students wishing to enroll in Science, Grammar, or History must take the entire core bundle.  All 7th-12th grade core classes are a-la-carte.

What is the minimum age to enroll in PreK or Kindergarten?

Children who will turn at least age 5 by December 31st of the school year are eligible to enroll in Kindergarten. Children who will turn age 4 by September 1st of the school year and are toilet-trained by the first day of school are eligible to enroll in PreK 4's enrichment.

When is open enrollment?

Open enrollment for new families is from March 1st to June 1st of each year. Space is limited so we recommend that interested families apply as soon as possible after enrollment opens. Late enrollments may be available space permitting. 

What subjects are required to be taught if I use the Hope Academy Umbrella?

Hope Academy Umbrella requires regular instruction in each of the following subjects be given to the student each year:

  • Math
  • Science
  • Social Studies (History, Geography, etc.)
  • English/Language Arts (Reading, Phonics, Handwriting, Literature, Grammar, Spelling, Writing, etc.)
  • Bible
  • Music or Art
  • Physical Education
  • Health

Is curriculum included in the cost of the tutorial classes?

Yes, Hope Academy provides the parent/student with the textbooks*, weekly lesson plans, and applicable required teacher texts for each class that the student is enrolled in. These materials are loaned to the family and must be returned in proper condition at the end of the school year. Workbooks/worksheets, lab kits, and other consumable supplies are subject to an additional class fee.

* Some parent text manuals are optional and would need to be obtained by the parent if desired.

What days and times are tutorial classes?

  • K-12th Grade Core Classes & Programs are held on Tuesday and Friday.

  • Preschool 4's is held on Friday.

  • Elective classes are offered Tuesday and Friday afternoons.

  • Performing Arts Program Classes are held on Tuesday and Friday.

Note: exact class schedules for the current school year will be published under the 'Tutorial' page under the 'Academics' tab of this website.

Do you offer Virtual or In-Person Classes?

For the 2022-2023 school year, Hope Academy will ONLY be offering in-person classes. 

What committees are there?

Our current committees include:

  • Field Trip
  • Publicity
  • Fund Raising
  • Student Life
  • Yearbook.

See the Parent Committee Descriptions for more details. Each enrolled family is required to have at least 1 parent participating on at least 1 committee.

What is the Parent Service Requirement?

Parents are NOT required to teach classes however, parents may apply to be a tutor or staff member. Families who do not have a parent serving on staff are responsible for Staff Assistant Shifts (SAS). Total number of required Staff Assistant Shifts is based on enrollment and will be determined prior to Mandatory Parent Orientation Night.  Parents must also serve on a committee and the set-up or break-down team for at least one Student Life Event each year.

Does the Hope Academy Umbrella provide High School Transcripts & Diploma?

Yes! Students enrolled in the Umbrella who successfully complete all of the requirements for graduation are presented with a diploma. Hope Academy will also prepare official transcripts and send them to the college, university, or trade school of your choice. Hope Academy also offers a graduation ceremony and celebration for enrolled graduating seniors.