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Umbrella Program

The purpose of the Hope Academy Umbrella Program is to fulfill a need within Hope Bible Church and the Hope Academy Tutorial by providing a supervised home education program (“umbrella program”), which meets current Maryland state regulations. The program is designed to give parents as much freedom as possible in determining their children’s education.

It is the philosophy of the Elders of Hope Bible Church that the parents are responsible for the education of their children. Within Hope Academy, the parents maintain the primary responsibility for the education of their children. Therefore, it is up to parents to choose and purchase the curricula and teaching materials to best suit their needs. Parents may also choose to enroll their child in the Tutorial Program which uses a pre-selected curriculum.

The Hope Academy Umbrella Administration can show parents: (1) how to maintain a portfolio, (2) how to monitor each child’s progress, and (3) how to maintain all necessary student records.

The Umbrella Program fee for students in grades K-8th grade includes a pre-enrollment conference for new families, monthly lesson plan reviews, and two portfolio reviews per school year - one at the end of each semester. The pre-enrollment conference may be conducted virtually or in person. Portfolio reviews will be conducted primarily by experienced home school parents or, if needed, by professional educators.

The High School Umbrella Program fee for students entering 9th-12th grades includes a pre-enrollment conference, monthly lesson plan reviews, information and advisement regarding high school credit requirements and curricula, two portfolio reviews per school year, transcript preparation and maintenance, sending official transcripts to the institutions of the student’s choice, and awarding a “diploma” upon completion of the high school requirements as prescribed by Hope Academy Umbrella. A parent orientation may be held as needed to prepare parents for the High School Umbrella Program.

Currently the Hope Academy Umbrella Program is only available for students who are either:

  • enrolled in one or more Hope Academy Tutorial Core classes, or
  • children of Hope Bible Church members